Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Introduction

This is my first blog post so i am  kind of anxious to write  all the stuff' sorry for the errors.
hello to all my readers ;my blog is about how the youth of new India see itself  and other happenings around it self through a stained glass  that symbolises  all the evils of the society. but then it is a mirror it will reflect the true world .
As i know how being a 18 year old boy  who is just going to start his college life in few months wnt to see the world in that stained mirror because i am also one of them
I am Vibhor agarwal and i am searching for some answers ,and for a answer we need questions
 So my first ques. is why are our brains are always screwed up by a pesky disease called fear?
The answer to it might not be an easy one but all of us has fears for example our politicians have a fear of loosing their positions in the state ,rich has a fear of loosing its wealth ,we have a fear of  not gtting good mrks .
the reason to all such  fears is wrongful deeds  and mistakes done knowingly
as my mother always puts that the man with pure heart never fears & a courageous man is always truthfull..